Growing mulberries is called “moriculture”.  The primary purpose of moriculture around the world is to provide leaf for silkworm feed.  We also use our leaf to make a range of mulberry teas and of course, the mulberry fruit is a very welcome by-product!

At MRSR we grow our mulberries in a hothouse so that we can feed our silkworms all year round.  No matter how cold the weather outside, the warm conditions inside the hothouse ensure we always have sufficient nutritious green leaf for our older worms and more importantly, new shoots for the hatchlings whenever required.

In addition, the hothouse environment is great for fruit production – we get a generous crop of black and white mulberries (well ahead of the local season for outdoor trees) and better still it is safe from the birds – we get to pick all of the fruit for our delicious jams and syrup!

Potted mulberry trees will be available for sale at our showroom in the lead up to Christmas 2012.