A Goal Complete

MARGARET RIVER SILK ROAD grows mulberries and cultivates silkworms to produce home-grown Australian silk.

The idea for our silk farm came to us in 2003 when we were working for a mining company in Laos.  As managers, we took a visible, active role in the company’s community projects, one of which was to re-establish traditional silk production in the mine’s host village.

It occurred to us that luxurious silk was the perfect complement to the gourmet food and wine of the Margaret River region where we had recently purchased a farming property.  It excited us to have a goal for our future outside the mining industry and we looked forward to opening day from that moment on!

It’s been a long time…

Our “Stories of the Silk Road” blog documents the labour, the achievements, the joys and the frustrations of turning our dream into a reality….

In fact, it has been nearly two years since our last entry to this blog – two years during which Rob resigned from Africa, learned to fly an aeroplane and slaved over construction of the Silk Road buildings and infrastructure.  Two years also during which Amanda went back to work in Laos, resigned again a year later, re-started retirement at the Silk Road and continued efforts to open the business.

We are now only weeks away from opening and it would be impossible to document the many achievements and stumbling blocks we have encountered since the January 2010 blog! Thus this entry and the next few consist of photos only – a selection showing progress on the many tasks completed, the friends that have visited and helped along the way and importantly… the almost finished product to date.

Let’s start with a review of 2010… Rob was in Africa, Amanda fresh from climbing Killy did the Busselton Jetty swim and took off to work fly-in / fly-out in Laos. Rob finished up in July and got stuck into construction – really moving us ahead in all areas of our venture. Here are the photos…