Did i say Jarrah boards

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did I say jarrah boards?

It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and i have excercised my rights on numerous fronts this week! (This relaxing is all very well but it’s use it or lose it with the brain and my decision-making ability has gone to mush since leaving my job!) Firstly the wood… we have been tooing and froing between purchasing floorboards for the new house and knocking down a few dying trees from the farm for milling, as well as tossing up between jarrah, blackbutt and beautiful marri. 
Last week I was convinced jarrah was the way to go and that it was easier and cheaper to just buy them.  But this week I gave the go ahead to Gary from Gracewood Timbers the go ahead to fell and mill the marri – and he did not give me any chance at all to change my mind again, but got stuck straight into it!  So we are having marri boards, hopefully around 125-130 wide, all taken from our own block.  He has started on the big marri that was already down and says there is quite a lot of wood in it – it is mostly the end where Bruce took the slice out that is rotted but there is a lot of good wood in the bottom end.  I asked him to slice the root area off as i had always wanted to use it as a feature in a garden somewhere.  However at the first touch of the chain saw it apparently fell off, landing on its bottom as shown in the photo and breaking in half.  So now it will be dumped on the burn pile to be seen no more.
As these photos show, it is a pretty exciting operation and the boards are absolutely beautiful.  I also reversed my decision to use pine boards in the showroom and all the sapling wood (as i think he calls it) will be cut for use as lining – walls and ceiling in some configuration yet to be decided.  There is also a heap of cutoffs for use as shelving or features.  Gary is doing a good job it seems and is also assisting by pushing up a lot of the fallen timber from recent storms with his loader for burning.  Check out our future floorboards below…